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Need hyperlynx 8.1 thermal analysis from PADS9.3

Question asked by on Oct 22, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2017 by weston_beal

Hello Sir,



    I think I need a thermal analysis, for the following issues,




I need a suggestion how to proceed a hardware pcb failure. Recently, I am working with a RFID scanner( 1D and 2D) that has a variety of application(Buzzer,vibrator,bluetooth senors) interfaced with android smartphone.


When I frequently scan the object through RFID, the device gets power OFF suddenly after 1 hour test. For sure, PCB is also getting hot.


I have open the Hyperlynx 8.1 and tried to open my pads9.3 pcb file to translate and open the design.


Error massage says, xxx.pcb is not an Accel-EDA ASCII .PCB file.


How to overcome this issue ?



Thank you.