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I want to set in ces default values with constraints automation

Question asked by joachim.schindlmayr on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by kendall_hiles

I take the example script of Constraints Automation Reference.

This all works so far. But I can not set the value for the Diffpair Tolerance.

I find in EConstraintType no value for Diffpair Tolerance. Can anybody help me further ??



For Each oDiffPair In oDiffPairColl

     Set oConstraint = oDiffPair.Constraints.FindItem(CT_DifferentialPairPhaseToleranceDistanceMax)

     If oConstraint Is Nothing Then

          oDiffPair.Constraints.AddByType CT_DifferentialPairPhaseToleranceDistanceMax, 5000

     End If

     Set oConstraint = oDiffPair.Constraints.FindItem(CT_DifferentialPairPhaseToleranceMax)

     If oConstraint Is Nothing Then

          oDiffPair.Constraints.AddByType CT_DifferentialPairPhaseToleranceMax, 500

     End If

REM Set oConstraint = oDiffPair.Constraints.FindItem(CT_DifferentialPairToleranceMax)

REM If oConstraint Is Nothing Then

REM 'MsgBox oDiffPair.Name

REM oDiffPair.Constraints.AddByType CT_DifferentialPairToleranceMax, 100

REM End If