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    calibre warning "empty cell used"



      I'm having LVS problem with one of the IP block layout. The block is LVS cleaned at the customer's site.

      But it's not LVS cleaned when I run it in my environment. It has multiple open nets. I looked at one of the

      opened net error between M1 and M2, there is actually and physically a VIA1 connecting these 2 nets ...

      . As I debug further, I see there are multiple warnings from Calibre form as follows:


      I am not comfortable with these warnings... Is it the right cause for open net ?? since I think some of the

      vias might be dropped out when Calibre is doing extraction translation ....

      Appreciate your help,

      Thanks a lot,


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          Hello Ha,


          Just by the names of those cells, it appears they may be metal2-to-metal1 transitions and metal1-to-poly transitions. If so, lacking those could certainly cause opens. You may want to check that all cells are being streamed out correctly. May also want to check that your Layout Path in Calibre points to the complete set of layout design files.