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Pyxis cells error:  "Data missing. Empty extent used.

Question asked by a_whichard on Oct 25, 2017


We recently migrated our users to new home directories.  One of our Pyxis users changed his home directory in his .attr file to the new location and he had no further problems.  I did the same for another user but he gets the following errors for each cell.  All of the cells exist in the location where the "open_cell" command is executed.  Any recommendations on how we should proceed?




//  Error: Data missing for "CXRO_5mm_x_5mm_QuadM3". Empty extent used. Call $reload_cell() after data is restored. (from: Ic/database/ic_template 21)

//  Error: Cannot find data on disk for "CXRO_5mm_x_5mm_QuadM3". (from: Ic/database/ic_template 0B)

//  Error: Attempt to connect failed (Ic_template::connect()) (from: DDMS/DDMS_Core/DDMS General 05)

//  Error: Read operation failed (from: DDMS/DDMS_Core/DDMS General 01)

//  Error: Internal error (from: Core/io/Core_tstream 04)