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Performance problem - PADS

Question asked by michael_38 on Oct 25, 2017



I have 3 problems in 1 to report:

1 – When we want to synchronize the schematic to the layout, it can takes 30 seconds sometimes. If there is just a little modification, its very difficult to design in this condition.

2 – When I want to make an UNDO command, it takes 10 seconds too to respond…

3 – When I want to transit to PADS Layout to PADS Router, it takes several seconds again. Any solution to accelerate this transition?


For all of theses problems, my computer seems to not have performance problem (CPU/Memory load on task manager). This is the only software with this perf. problem...


Info: We use PADS VX.2 (update 2) on a windows 10 Pro (64bits) since 1 month. We just upgraded our PADS version.


Thanks for help.