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Install teal key on Windows 10 (PADS 9.5)

Question asked by 3a824395-8879-8e87-0100-013fa95fb9ee on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by 3a824395-8879-8e87-0100-013fa95fb9ee


I've just gotten a new laptop, and I'm trying to install my existing (older) PADS version onto it.  I'm trying to install PADS 9.5, and I can't get the driver for the teal key (aladdin) to install.  I've tried to run "Install License File" which asks which driver I'd like, but doesn't noticeably do anything.  I also tried the "Test and Install Hardware Dongle" but when I selected "Install" for my version, I got a message that my OS is not supported.


I suspect I just need an updated version of the installer or driver, but I haven't had any luck finding that.  Any help would be appreciated.