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How do you handle library management?

Question asked by jasonluu on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by jasonluu

My group is using xDMLibrary 100 and we're using one central library.

I'm curious to see who else is using 100 and how are they managing a library in terms of managing/organizing parts.

We're thinking of implementing changes to how we manage our library.


Do you use xDMLibrary 100 or 200/300?

What grid space do you use for symbols or cell creation?

Are you using imperial, metric, or a mixture of both?

If you're mixing imperial and metric, how do you manage padstacks that may be in different units? (for example, do you add a prefix/suffix to the name?)

Does your group work off of one central library and if so how do you manage updates/revisions to existing parts/cells?

How do you verify your library? In other words, how do you distinguish which existing cells have been properly verified from those which are not?