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    In Stackup Editor plating layer


      Hi all

      someone know the exact function of layer plating in Xped or Pads pro? I suppose indicate metallization of base copper foil, but stackup say me error.

      In Hyperlinks linesim not error highlights



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          Hello Bertocchi,


          As far as I understand, the stackup editor code was ported from Hyperlynx into Expedition and PadsPro, thus most of the interface is identical.


          What is different is how the program handles the data behind it. In the PCB tools, until very recently, just one prepreg was allowed between two copper layers. There was/is no notion of plating in the layout tool too.


          This are all construct that are being used in Hyperlynx to improve simulation result.


          So for now in PCB you have no plating. Plating is the additional copper that is deposited on the copper after e.g. an electrolytic deposit. It is the same copper that is deposited also in the barrel of the vias, to contact the two extremities of the via. In the PCB tool you would put the combined copper thickness of the copper foil and the plating.


          Hope this helps


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            Thanks Matija for your clear answer.


            I hope in future stackup editor in Xped /Pads pro will be the same as Hyperlynx, because I think that a full description of pcb stackup must to be provided to pcb manufacturer in same documentation of 274X, as was simulated in Hyperlynx with every detail.


            Do you think is a bug that I can't chose a metalization material different from metal in layer 1 ?


            In real world, a trace in outer layer are made by copper base+plating(same in the barrel) and finishing ( ENIG or HAL SN100 for example ).


            Maybe have not effect in simulation step, but could fully explain what kind of pcb expect from pcb manufacturer, I'll put this in bright idea.


            bye for now

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              You should be able to add plating above the top metal layer and below the bottom metal layer without error.


              Below is a screen capture from Hyperlynx 9.4.


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                Yes, I know, but I told in Xpedition/Pads pro is not possible whitout error.

                In adding all metalls above top or bottom layer are same kind of metal choosed for top / bottom. Can you adding copper as top layer ( 18um ) , plating copper (20um ) and sufrace finishing Tin ( 3um ) and gold (0,5um ).

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                  In my license of Hyperlynx in PADS Standard Plus VX.2.2, I can add copper as top layer and plating copper above that, but that is all.