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Connecting 2 separate macros (with their respective gds and netlist) by pin abbuttment. How to reflect that in the netlist?

Question asked by max229 on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2017 by dan_liddell

I have 2 GDS, and 2 netlists. I merge the 2 layouts together and create an overlay, and i copy all the pins and their labels into the topcell overlay.

Let's say macro 1 has multiple instances of pinx, and macro2 has multiplace instances of pinx as well, and 1 instance of piny.

Now, all pins of the name pinx from both macros touch each other, and become connected. That leaves the 1 pin, piny, in macro2. This piny actually connects to one of the pinx in macro1 by design intent. So they touch each other in the GDSs.

Now, how can i create a topcell netlist reflecting that connectivity? I only have the 2 standalone netlists.

I tried the following:

.SUBCKT merged_macro pinx piny

XuMacro1 Macro1 $PINS pinx=pinx

XuMacro2 Macro1 $PINS pinx=pinx piny=pinx


I also append the 2 standalone netlists into this file as well.

and I run LVS on the new gds and the new netlist, but it still fails saying that Layout has net piny while source netlist has net pinx and net piny.

That is my intent, but how do i make LVS checker understand so?