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How to prevent Databook from populating blank numeric fields with 0

Question asked by cgoldenbus on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by cgoldenbus

Maybe it's me but I seem to remember that if I left a field blank in databook It did not populate 0 or null data into the parts

Right now I have a library called "Diodes"  inside of my library and tables are Zener diodes as well as schottky, bridges etc.


Each one of these parts has a different requirement for properties (well at least zener does) Zener diode has table properties of  V_ZENER, Zener_imp,  and I_ZENER

The table of course is set to annotate V_Zener so it's shown on the schematic.


Now I enter into the table a signal diode.. table data for V_Zener is set to (null), Databook interprets this as "0" and populates a filed V_Zener =0V into my signal diode.


My question is  "How do I exclude this based on the symbol or ignore null characters as blank so not populated?"


This only happens for numeric fields.


The whole plan is that databook populates all of the required data and not assigning it at the part level