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    Reuse and refdes...


      When I use the reuse function all my decoupling  with the same value and same net connection are placed anywhere in my reuse block. How can I avoid this? The IC U4 can have C98,C99 on the schematic but C263,C264 on the board... The electical aspect is respected but not the logic. How can I avoid this?



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          Hi Andrew,


          When instantiating the Reuse Blocks (RB) into your schematic are you utilizing any of the the Renumbering options (i.e., Increment By, Renumber From, Add Suffix or Add Prefix) [show below]? If the "Renumber as needed" default option is taken, when Packager is run it will arbitrarily assign ref des to the parts within the RB.



          Close-up view



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            Unfortunately the schematic is on DXD 2007.2 and the block was cut&paste without the function reuse. I tried to change any decoupling from 0.1uF to 0.1uF_A, 0.1uF_B,0.1uF_C... on any block to avoid de mismatch. That work well but it's still extra job! My problem is not with the schematic but  in PADS Layout when the Reuse Block get any decoupling available. So decoupling on U7 on schematic are now on U14 on PCB because reuse block can't see the difference between any 0.1uF in the same block...



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              Hi Andre',


              I assumed you were using the Expedition Enterprise design flow (DxD/Expedition). Unfortunately I am not familiar with the DxD/PADS reuse functionality, hopefully someone with copy&reuse knowledge for PADS will chime in, anyone?



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                Have yet to find a solution for Pads 2007.x and the unusable reuse functionality.  Even with circuits cut and paste that are identical for as many as 6 sheets it will randomly grab components from other sheets.  IT would be nice to see a solution to this problem.

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                  Below are steps that will help you:

                  1. Create a Reuse in PADS Layout and save it to a file
                  2. Connect DxDesigner and PADS Layout via DxDesigner Link for cross probing
                  3. In Schematic change Filter to ‘Symbol’ only
                  4. Window select all components for Reuse 1 in schematic. Make sure the IC and decoupling capacitors that belong together are included. They will be highlighted in PADS Layout
                  5. In PADS Layout Design Toolbar select Make Like Reuse icon and point to saved Reuse file from step 1
                  6. Repeat steps in 4 and 5 for all alike Reuse blocks in your design



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                    Thanks for the Information will give it a try tonight see how it goes.

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                      I'm having a hard time with this REUSE issue (decoupling capacitors are shuffled around between channels). None of the suggestions I have read so far work with my PADS 2008 version.

                      I have tried adding attributes that I hoped would keep the channels distinct, but no luck. This is a real disappointment, I have 8 channels all the same. This REUSE eventually steals capacitors from the original reuse and replaces them from the sheet with the digital section. Really wierd and somewhat useless.

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                        Did you tried replacing value from 0.1uF to 0.1uF_A,B,C on each channel (if you d'ont use hierarchical design)... and selecting each channel before using reuse in Pads Layout. That's extra job but it works. I don't use this method for a 2 channels but for a 32 channels I renumber decoupling before cut and past my channel on schematic. Different "value" means different part. I thing "value" it's the only attribute used in reuse.  Good luck!