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Release notes and know defects and workarounds

Question asked by milostnik on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by robert_davies

Hello Folks,


I love to talk about this topic: Known defects and workarounds.


I have filled a ton of Service Requests, and to my surprise quiet a lot of them got an "Associated Defect Report" I was always happy that I have found some repeatable case of software misbehaving, so that engineering would be able to fix them, thus improving the quality of the tools. It is up to a separate discussion if this defects are complicated or easy to fix, since this is the call of engineering.


What I want to point out is that time and again, I got the response: "has been reviewed and postponed, which means a decision has been made not to pursue a solution at this time"

Ok, the bug(s) has been asserted and the decision has been made that the resources of engineering go to other priorities. That fine with me.


What is not fine with me is that this documented behavior stays within this Defect Report and no one is aware of it.


I would love that such bugs would be put into the release note section called "Known defects and workarounds"

Why don't you publish them on a regular, accessible, list?


If engineering is overworked and has to postpone the fixing of it, try to imagine how the Support people are overworked in trying to find a solution to a defect that is know and relegated to a dark corner of the Associated Defect Report list.

I would love to mandate that all this kind of defect have to be put on the Release note.


What usually follows is the death sentence: "This DEI has been reviewed a minimum of three times and has not been selected for inclusion in a release. If you feel strongly that this is still an issue..."

I invested the time and resource to make a case that is reproducible and you just tell me nobody in engineering cares? I feel strongly that it is an issue, or I would have had closed the SR.


Thanks for reading. I would appreciate any comment.