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Visual Studio (or any other 3rd party Automation Client, not supported by Mentor)

Question asked by peter_festesen on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by Patrick.Cashman

Knowing that quite many of the subscribers in this community use Visual Studio or other 3rd party automation clients – well knowing that these are not officially supported by Mentor Support.

Just to clarify, the Automation Server is DxDesigner (viewdraw.exe), the External Automation Client is the compiled .exe from Visual Studio. For completeness, an internal client would be a vbs or efm file, run from inside DxDesigner Application


How do you normally work around this situation?  I am using the Addline2 method for DxDesigner Automation as an example :

Using the Addline2 method in an internal client works, but when running with the external client, the call


Set DxDesignerLine = Activeview.Block.AddLine2(1,1,x*10,y*10)


sometimes returns ‘Nothing’ , where is should return the DxDesignerLine object. This apparently is worse when the DxDesigner Application is kept open during script runtime, so there must be some disturbance happening.


Q1: Can someone explain why this happens ?


Q2: Can someone suggest a workaround for this issue ?