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    Variant manager in dx designer


      I am using variant manager for DNI purpose and I want to export schematic to pdf as I have used schematic for 3 different interfaces (in variant table 3 different columns) so while exporting to pdf schematic doesn't  shows 3 different pdf's how to export to 3 different interfaces PDF's



      Rahul Ruwali

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          Hello Rahul,

          in schematic open the Variant Manager (View - Other window - Variants)

          Then select the column of the variant and generate the variant by hitting on the icon with an x. IT will generate the variant (see yellow banner strip)

          Now you can generate your Pdf with File - Export - PDF as well using the PartLister (Tools - PartLister) to generate the BOM of this variant.

          Close the variant with the icon with an M to go back to master, select the next column and repeat until you do all of your variants.


          Hope this helps


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