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Schematic symbol property issue

Question asked by keithc77 on Nov 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by keithc77

Hi Folks,


Having a little trouble with one of my schematic symbols and was hoping someone could help shed some light on it.


I have a symbol created that has several properties attached to it. One of the properties is 'Manufacturer's part number'. However, when I place this symbol in my schematic I can select and move all properties, except the 'Manufacturers part number' one. When I select the part in the schematic it shows this property is greyed out and doesn't let me select it. All other properties aren't greyed out and can be selected and moved.


I tried moving the problem value in this field to another one but had exactly the same problem when doing that. It's still greyed out and doesn't let me select it!


Any help would be much appreciated.