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Questions about Advanced decoupling analysis(Gound nets connected with a resistor, VRM)

Question asked by mjk on Nov 26, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by cathy_terwedow

Hi expert,


I have a few questions about Advanced decoupling analysis.


1. There is no decap effect when the reisistor connects two ground nets.


I simulated the circuit below.


and I found that there was no decap effect between power net and AGND.


I'm wondering if I can do advanced decoupling analysis when two ground nets are connected with a resistor.



2. Whether Advanced Decoupling Analysis considers the VRM.


I found out that there is VRM effect in Lumped Decoupling Analysis.

However, for Advanced Decoupling Analysis I couldn’t find any VRM effect in the results.

I’d like to know whether I can do Advanced Decoupling Analysis with VRM.


Thank you.