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LVS Clean in Flat Run, but fails in Hierarchical

Question asked by Aarthy_MANI on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2017 by dan_liddell


    I have a simple circuit with few modules, but the power supply(VDD, VSS) to certain blocks (say x1, x2, x3)  are controlled by always on blocks (say x4)  (similar to power gating). Due to nature of work, I  am not able to give any further details on the design.

   When I try to run LVS, the blog clear in flat-LVS. But fails with "missing connection" " missing injected instance" in Hierarchical mode (please refer to the screenshot below)




     I am sorry about less details. But could someone help? I am totally new to this concept, and my experience with Calibre is close to 0. .


Thank you!