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    Board Station to Xpedition [Migration]




      Is it possible to migrate from board station 7.9.5 to Xpedition Entp VX1.1 ?

      I read documentation VX1.1 which includes BoardStation to Expedition Translator User Guide. There is a statement that says BS2EXP translator supports up to Board Station Version 8.13_6 so i think, i can't use it.


      Is there any working way that you can advice me for translation without headache ?


      Thanks in advance,    

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          Hi anilyous


          Regardless what you do with your translation your are in for a headache. There is no plain translation.

          The reason are multiple

          • First you have to translate the library. If you translate any design and use a library from EXP that is different that that from BS, you will have difficulties.
            • Main problems we encountered: parts with pipe in BS, parts with multiple pin, geometry translation
          • The two tools have different "logics" in designing. When you translate a design feature from BS that is not present in EXP you will have troubles.
            • Bus ripped, signals from one bus to the other, different logic of input-output ports and signals on the logic level
            • Block and symbol creation
            • Netconnect
            • Borders and
          • Process logic and design flow
            • Variant handling

          But anyway, I hope and think you can use the present translator to translate design form any older version of BS. There is another caveat: you need to have BS and EXP installed on the same machine for a successful translation. AND you need both tools to be licensed. For us it was not feasible, because we had BS on linux and EXP on Windows. We had to use Mentor service to do the translations.


          Hope this helps you and does not scare you


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            Hi milostnik,


            Thanks for your reply.


            We have already migrated library and we have both BS and Xpedition in a Windows PC. We would like to migrate a project from DA To xDX and XE to xPCB. What do you mean by Mentor Service and how can we use it ?

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              Hi anilyous


              Mentor does offer different services, like help in setting up translation environment, translating libraries, translating designs and some more.

              Some you have to pay some they will gladly help you. Talk to your Mentor representative, s/he will help you find the right support and make all arrangements.


              Hope this helps