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Inserting a constraint on a segment of a physical net on multiple electrical nets

Question asked by milostnik on Nov 30, 2017

Hello Folks,

imagine this situation: You have diff pairs and series capacitors on a bunch of connections, and you want to limit the length of the physical net from the chip to the first component to be a given length.


I want to write a max length of 25mm to all segments from chip to capacitor. In this example the last one is written, and I am searching for a way to write all others at once, instead of selecting segment after segment and putting the values.


You open up CES and select all physical nets. In CES you see some selected lines and you want to write the values.



  • If you just click on the cell you deselect all other lines.

  • If you control click on the cell you deselect the line you want to write to

  • If you shift click on the cell it will select all between.


How you do write multiple values in a non contiguous field of selected cells?


Thanks for any help.