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    DV/DC to DX Translation



      I have translated the DV to DX schematics and also DV lib to DX lib. But, I already have DX lib that has all parts that I used in DV schematics, I don't have to really use translated library. I would like to update all symbols to DX lib after the DV to DX sch translation. Could anyone please let me know is there a way where we can just update all symbols to DX local lib ?



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          If you want to replace symbols that are 'local' after translation then you can select them in the Databook - CL view - Symbols and use the context menu command Substitute symbols, it will then replace the symbol with the equivalent in the central library  - if there are no substitutes then you won't be able to do this.

          You can also translate a design using the option to use an already translated library and point to your DX library - but that depends on whether you have made any significant changes to the library and its structure since you translated it.