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Calibre view generation with 2017 version is throwing the following error.

Question asked by anandmohancec on Dec 13, 2017
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My calibre tool version is updated from 2013.2_18.13  to 2017.3_29.23 recently.Calibre PEX view generation with 2017.3_29.23  is throwing the following error



'Calibre view generation encountered a fatal error. Please consult the logfile for message'




The calibre log file shows the below error message.




'pexBA_22.43: Isrc/CellMapReader.cpp:874: void PexBA::CellMapReader::redirectToCorrepondingParser(PexBA::CellMapReader::BlockType,


const std::string&): Assertion `false' failed.'



with 2013 version it is working fine. Please anyone help me on this.