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Error Booting Android on Xilinx ZCU102

Question asked by gsosua@ignis on Dec 15, 2017



I am trying to run the Android demo to ZCU102 found in the link below:

Mentor Embedded solutions for Xilinx SoCs and MPSoCs - Mentor Graphics


I downloaded the pre-built images and followed the steps provided in the document below:


But when turning on the board I have the following error:


I am using Xilinx ZCU-102 revision 1.0, and built the images using Ubuntu 14.04. I tried 2 different SD cards and both failed with the same message. All the boot files and images were provided by Mentor and when I run the script I have no error messages, the output of the script is identical with the expected output showed in the getting started document.


Is there a known fix for this issue? Or any particular configuration that I am supposed to do to the board?