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Question asked by nicola.fiorucci on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2018 by robert_davies

I'm going to package my design in PADS Pro. Every symbol have "DESCRIPTION" property.

When i run the Packager i get several errors like:


Symbol / PartsDB property mismatch:
Resolved PartNumber = CLP010000

Symbol Property: DESCRIPTION = SCREW HOLE PLATED, dia 3.2mm, pad 7mm
PartsDB Property: DESCRIPTION =

The property value on this symbol has not been changed.
Use the 'Update PDB Properties on symbol' option on the Packager menu

or use Device Replace to change the schematic symbol in order to
update the schematic to the PartsDB value as limited by the precision

specified in the Notation Settings dialog. Be sure that the
precision specified in the Notation Settings dialog is sufficient to

define the value exactly or this warning will continue.


This is my Property Definition Editor:


In the Part Editor the "Description" text box is empty


In the Map.cfg i have:




Thanks for your help