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      I'm going to package my design in PADS Pro. Every symbol have "DESCRIPTION" property.

      When i run the Packager i get several errors like:


      Symbol / PartsDB property mismatch:
      Resolved PartNumber = CLP010000

      Symbol Property: DESCRIPTION = SCREW HOLE PLATED, dia 3.2mm, pad 7mm
      PartsDB Property: DESCRIPTION =

      The property value on this symbol has not been changed.
      Use the 'Update PDB Properties on symbol' option on the Packager menu

      or use Device Replace to change the schematic symbol in order to
      update the schematic to the PartsDB value as limited by the precision

      specified in the Notation Settings dialog. Be sure that the
      precision specified in the Notation Settings dialog is sufficient to

      define the value exactly or this warning will continue.


      This is my Property Definition Editor:


      In the Part Editor the "Description" text box is empty


      In the Map.cfg i have:




      Thanks for your help



          Please see this technote: https://support.mentor.com/en/knowledge-base/MG584931


          For properties whose values are managed in DxDataBook, the Best Practice is to disable the update in the Property Definition Editor and then run Packager without enabling the Update PDB Properties on symbol option.


          In actuality the message is not accompanied by any data loss or truncation. In addition the message has nothing to do with the character limit setting for the property in the .prp (CentLib.prp) as defined in the Property Definition Editor, nor with the Precision setting for the symbol.

          The message appears when these conditions are met:

          • The Local PDB value for a property is different from the property value on the symbol that has been instantiated on the schematic.
          • The property has been selected in the Property Definition Editor for being back annotated when Packager runs by enabling the Place property in schematic when Packager or Part View is used setting.
          • The Update PDB Properties on symbol option has been enabled on the Packager menu

            Hi Michael,

            how can i disable the update in the Property Definition Editor?

            In the packager the Update PDB Properties on symbol is disabled.

            I would like to not receiver hundreds of warning.

            I think that i need to disable the compare between the DESCRIPTION property of my symbols and Description from PDB


            The other question is: How can i bulk update the Description filed in the PDB using dxDatabook DESCRIPTION field?


              Uncheck the check box next to Description in the Property Definition editor. As you re using PADS Professional you would be better off keeping to the system provided properties for most of these entries - I see you use DEVICE  as a user property where the default is Part Number in PADS Professional, similarly you have created a user DESCRIPTION field where the built in is Description (PADS Professional uses 'Camel case' instead of the fixed 'Uppercase' of PADS). Mixing properties in this way will more than likely complicate your environment more than necessary, for exmple, in the standard flow we map between PADS uppercase Attributes and PADS Professional/Xpedition Properties, so we already map DEVICE to Part Number and DESCRIPTION to Description in the map.cfg file. When you place a part into the schematic we do this mapping, your scenario is trampling over this with a mixture of user properties and is likely to lead to you duplicating data in your library, for example having a Part Number in the PDB and a DEVICE property somewhere as well.

              To bulk update Description in the PDB you could look to use ALE out on the Automation Community Automation and Scripting

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