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Difference between Hyperlynx vs SystemSI about R_pin/L_pin/C_pin in IBIS model

Question asked by hungreohd on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by weston_beal

Dear Experts,

I had run DDR4 DATA timing with Hyperlynx (DDRx batch in Boardsim) and SystemSI (Cadence Sigrity).

The result simulation are so different between two software. I detected the reason of this difference below:

In the SystemSI, when I enable package parasitics parameter, the output signals are below:

In the Hyperlynx, per my understanding, R_pin/L_pin/C_pin will be imported to simulation by default. Note that, my IBIS DDR controller only contain R_pkg/L_pkg/C_pkg and R_pin/L_pin/C_pin, not include [Define Package Model] section.

Can anyone help to understand this difference ?


Thank you so much.