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Allegro to PADS Conversion

Question asked by ritu on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by k.r.kabaleeswaran

We are trying the conversion of Allegro .brd file to PADS as per the manual "Allegro to PADS Translation Guide" by Mentor Graphics.

While preparing the Board file for translation, we could run the script.

However, the translation was not successful and we got the following error for multiple components in the design:

"ERROR: Unable to issue shapes for padstack R35_200 - layer problems"


Kindly let us know how we can resolve these errors and obtain a successful conversion to use the design in PADS.


For your reference, the following are attached :

a) The manual referred by us for conversion.

b) Allegro Board file (.brd)

c) log file generated as a result which contains the errors in conversion.


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