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Before you Begin Layout?

Question asked by joseph.lindula on Feb 15, 2018

Hello, I work in a small design group with a few hardware designers and a couple of PCB Layout designers. Most of my co-workers simply drop off their schematics to the Layout designers and say, "here you go" and then go back to their cubical. Many of them don't think of placement, routing, or cost. I usually provide to the Layout designers a draft of device placement and the dimensions of the board. I also create Net Classes in CES that help the Layout designer know which are differential traces, clocks, analog and digital signals. I've asked our Layout Designers what they would like from a hardware designer before the schematics are delivered to them.


So, I'll ask the community members that do PCB Layout what things they ask (demand) of the hardware designer before layout begins? Please share anything, what documentation should be given and/or what things should be done in xDX or in CES.