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I want to learn hown to use FreePCB

Question asked by vagulus on Feb 17, 2018

I am a Mechanical Engineer with minimal electronics understanding and less background.  I have been working with Arduino microprocessors to gain some understanding of the art of controlling mechanical devices with computers.  I figure to be able to ask better questions of my Electronics Engineers if I have some idea of the principles they work under.

Currently I draw my circuit diagrams using TinyCAD - which is fine - but the next logical step is to move from a circuit schematic to a PCB.  FreePCB has been recommended.


My problem now is that FreePCB tutorial material is hard to find.  I have searched YouTube and what I find there is people showing me how clever/skillful they are but not being much help even in getting me started.  I do have the FreePDB Users' Guide but it always seems easier to learn if you can actually see the things you are interested in being done.


Can anyone recommend some elementary FreePCB tutorial material?  I'd much appreciate a pointer.