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DxDesigner PADS Vx 2.1: PartLister ignoring Border Properties

Question asked by gdivella on Feb 20, 2018

Hello everybody,


my custom PartLister configuration file  (*.ipl) includes in its header three custom border properties:





These properties have been correctly defined in the .prp file i'm pointing to in Property Definition Editor, and also I'm able to give them a value in the Setup -> Settings -> Project -> Borders and Zones -> Border Properties  configuration area.


The issue is: why, when I generate the part lister .txt file, the command is not able to get the value of their properties? Indeed, in the .txt file I get them like they were text, instead of pointers to properties!


On the other hand, if I try to add $(NAME) to the list, the result is correct only for that field! Why?!


Thanks a lot