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Export Odb++ error

Question asked by jr3robin on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2019 by elisacorpuz

Hi all,


I'm trying to export the ODB++ format for manufacturing. I first generate the CAM files (I just used default files from the Auto Define button), then go to File --> Export and change the format to .tgz. But then when I try to generate it always gives and error.


After some trial and error (mostly error) I figured out that I can generate the normal layers on their own (e.g. Top, Bottom, Solder mask, past, silkscreens) and I can generate assembly and NC drill file on their own. Together it seems to be impossible.


The errors it always gives are these:


     Warning: gen_fs-2007-Unable to open input file

     Warning: get-112033-File does not exist

     Warning: get-112002-Job was not opened


Thanks for any help.