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    Export Odb++ error


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to export the ODB++ format for manufacturing. I first generate the CAM files (I just used default files from the Auto Define button), then go to File --> Export and change the format to .tgz. But then when I try to generate it always gives and error.


      After some trial and error (mostly error) I figured out that I can generate the normal layers on their own (e.g. Top, Bottom, Solder mask, past, silkscreens) and I can generate assembly and NC drill file on their own. Together it seems to be impossible.


      The errors it always gives are these:


           Warning: gen_fs-2007-Unable to open input file

           Warning: get-112033-File does not exist

           Warning: get-112002-Job was not opened


      Thanks for any help.

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          Ok so forget what I said about it working when I separate the layers, basically normally it doesn't work at all. Except if there is only a single layer I can't get it to consistently export.

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            Not sure I understand how you proceed. Once CAM is setup properly, aren't you using File/Export/ODB++ ?

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              Yes, I select ODB++ (.tgz) format. Then I click save. It then brings up an ODB++ menu. I click ok. I wait for a while. Then it gives me the errors.

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                Can you post a picture of the Export Dialog box showing the options you have selected ?

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                  Hi, I attached the image. I didn't really make any changes though from the default settings.



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                    Also the full error is below:


                    (note that the &Layer lines are far longer, listing over 100 Layers, I'm not sure why as it is a 2-layer board... I doubt that is the issue though since it normally exports if I only select the top layer)


                    Warning: Job board2 Step pcb :

                    Warning: Top&Bottom&Layer_3&Layer_4&Layer_5&Layer_6&Layer_7&Layer_8&Layer_9&Layer_10&Layer_11&Layer_12&Layer_13&Layer_14&Layer_15&L for attribute .all_eda_layers has illegal length of 1006

                    Warning: and was truncated to Top&Bottom&Layer_3&Layer_4&Layer_5&Layer_6&Layer_7&Layer_8&Layer_9&Layer_10&Layer_11&Layer_12&Layer_13&Layer_14&Layer_15&L (default length : 1000)

                    Warning: Number of netlist issues found: 1 shorted 2 broken 0 missing 0 extra

                    Warning: gen_fs-2007-Unable to open input file

                    Warning: get-112033-File does not exist

                    Warning: get-112002-Job was not opened

                    Warning: Main window has no title, as window state saved to file D:/Programs/PADS/PADSVX.2.2/SDD_HOME/dfm/.genesis/EngineeringToolkitWindow.settings.

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                      Did you try Export to ASCII then import ASCII ? I suspect you have errors in the database itself and this would clean up the database.

                      Also, I noticed you specify "All Layers" as the component outline layer. I think it is preferable to choose a layer that has the outline of the part.

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                        Doing your ASCII suggestion took me some time to figure out how to do it, but the end result is the same. I also decided to do a full reinstall, with no benefit.


                        Through trial and error testing I have found that if I remove all silkscreen and assembly layers from the CAM, then I can fairly consistently generate an output.

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                          I think I will need to abandon this issue as I'm not getting anywhere... I would still like to manufacture my boards so I would like to generate the normal gerber files, but for some reason I can't find any way to do this.... Could someone tell me how this is done with PADS?

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                            Ok never mind... I see that the .pho files are in fact gerbers. I had not seen this file extension before

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                              I spoke with a colleague today who had the same problem. Apparently there is an issue with large PCBs and the virus checker on our system that which leads to errors when generating ODB++ outputs.


                              Probably this is not something that will affect too many people, but just in case you see a similar error, it is probably better not to waste time trying to get it to work.

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                                This is Max Clark and I am the Product Marketing Manager for Valor NPI.  The engineering team I work with creates the ODB++ output solution that is delivered with PADS and I would like to get to the bottom of this problem.  Have you submitted a service request and provide the design for review.  If you have, would be please share with me that SR number.  If you have not, are you able to do so?


                                Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.




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                                  I believe my colleague did submit a service request which traced the issue to the virus checker (I heard this second hand so I don't have any details). I can try to follow up to see what the SR number was.


                                  Also there is no need to provide any design, I tried generating the ODB++ with the tutorial board and had the same error... 

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                                    OK, I believe I found the DR and the related TechNote.  I have my reservations on whether this will solve the issue, but if it does great.  If not, then let's work the an SR to solve this as continuing like this will take too long.  Just let us know.  Thanks, Max



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