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DxDesigner Start Page User Automation Button?

Question asked by juergen.hinterleitner on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by robert_davies

Is it possible to add an User Button for any Automation Script to the Start Page of the DxDesigner? (at the Task-stripe/see picture).


The reason why: I'll provide our Users a possibility to create a new (inclusive all) Project: The script is copying then a special template by using the Job-Wizard. Because the "New Project" - "Available templates" in the Xpedition category, they will give you only a bit of settings, like CL etc.. But I will provide a prepared Design at the "New Project Tab" as a template... it will containing a Pcb, a Panel, a Drawing, the right Boardoutline and much more. And this is only be able by copying a Templateproject with the Job-Wizzard.