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Xpedition Partlister problems with instance values

Question asked by eaton_mentor on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by jeroenvdv

I am trying to create a BOM with Partslister in Xpedition Designer VX2.2.

To create different variants, I am using the variant manager in "Create Varaint/Function Schematics"-mode and start then the Partlister.

My problem is now, in the created BOM only the Partnumber is changing (from the parts who have a replace part). All other Properties like Value aren't updatet by Partlister.

I also tryed to set the instance values direct in the schematic, then Partlister is working fine.

In "Create Varaint/Function Schematics"-mode the instance values of all propertys are correct displayed in schematic (datas from the variant database).


Are there any options to teach the partlister which properties could changed by VM?