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Unique tables

Question asked by crl on Mar 1, 2018

Hello (anybody and everybody).  I have been playing around with Vesys 2 and finding some of the limitations quite frustrating. I have been trying to find a way to add in additional tables, tables like the wire and insulation tables, but for fuses. I found a way around this but it involved using a connector table and having to change the style set, to suit what I was doing. this is all fine, but ideally I want to pass this onto a team, who wont have the options to edit which style set they use. It also means if you force apply style it alters the table back when I return to the original style set ( needed by other parts)



Has anybody managed to create there own table ? It all seems very restricted, the ability to have the freedom is there. I feel I should be able to set some properties ( fuse value) then generate the table to auto populate based on the part numbers ( including symbols) . is there an xml workaround to do this, or am I stuck with my longwinded approach.



Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.