FREE electrical rule checks - works with any PCB layout tool

Discussion created by cathy_terwedow on Mar 7, 2018
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Layout DRCs are great but how do you find potential SI, PI, and EMI/EMC problems like impedance, nets crossing gaps, and metal islands in your design? It's easy with HyperLynx DRC.


We have configurations to meet any need but even the Free Edition will save you hours of manual inspection time.


Compare the HyperLynx DRC Free Edition (with free annual renewal and no maintenance fees) with our low-cost, 3- or 12-month, Gold subscription.


For customers who need additional rules, the HyperLynx DRC Standard and Developer editions offer 32 and 40 rules, respectively. Check for relative delay and length matching, via-to-via isolation, closed trace/return loops, and much more. The Developer edition includes addition rules, such as decoupling capacitor coverage and differential pair symmetry, and even gives you the ability to write and execute custom rules.