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    Information to Cell Editor?




      I´m new to Expedition and Library Manager. I must design some Cells to make my first layout with Expedition. I´ve read some pdf documents, how to work with Central Library Manager, but I haven´t found detailled information to Cell Editor, except one short example. Some years ago I worked with Integra. There was a good tutorial for Integra, which shows the central workflows with this tool. On Expedition I miss such a option. Do anybody know where I can find a good reference to learn the basic workflows with Expedition?


      Thanks for any information


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          The problem is there are several designflows in Expedition. And there is no document with an overview. Personally I've studied all the documentation in \docs\pdfdocs to understand possible designflows. The reason is that initially nearly all the tools in todays Expedition environment came from different vendors, and I even think none of them was initially from Mentor itself. So it was a great task to put all of that together and make it work. And documentation was left behind (as always).


          As to Cell Editor I think "Library Manager Process Guide" (lm_proc_gd.pdf) has a good step-by-step description of that. I'll be glad to answer any specific questions