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Back annotate not changing Refdes in Dxdesigner

Question asked by tmiddleton on Mar 20, 2018
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I have a design in DxDesigner (PADS 9.5) and after renumbering the components when doing a back annotate, the REFDES are remaining the same on the schematic, however the other properties of the symbol are changing. For example I have a polarized tantalum symbol which is having its DEVICE and PKG_TYPE fields changed to a generic 0603 cap, the PART_NUMBER, TOLERANCE, VALUE, and VOLTAGE did not change and the symbol remained the tantalum as well as the REFDES staying the same. The values that did not change, are not part of the actual symbol. Meaning, we have a symbol for a certain sized part and the PART_NUMBER, TOLERANCE, VALUE, and VOLTAGE were manually added to the component.

It acts like the refdes was the key for

The only thing that seems suspect in my settings is in the PCB Interface -> Advanced -> REFDES Processing / Optimization. It has the "Preserve Previous REFDES Assignments (Forward to Layout)" selected and is greyed out.


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