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Exporting Assembly Information by DXF

Question asked by on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by phiet

We may be outdated in our approach to creating PCB assembly drawings?


We export DXF for component outlines Reference designators and Board outline to our drawing office to create assembly drawings, add notes, exploded views etc. However the DXF export from PADS VX.0 generates a number of layers even though we only export Assembly Top Text and Board Outline.

This takes a while to open in Solid Works for our Drawing Office to manipulate, and they have to work through the layer structure to turn off layers that are irrelevant.

It is easier in Solid Edge but this is now a defunct tool for our organisation.


Do others create assembly drawings in a similar way and experience these issues?

Are there tricks to improve the process?

Are there better methods of generating assembly drawings without having to use PCB layout resource to manage the assembly drawing process and any modifications?