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Delta Polar (dp) keyin coordinate command

Question asked by torpidlittle on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by torpidlittle

Hi all,


I'm pretty new with the Xpedition products and I'm looking about some way of doing polar arrays (for placement of pins on a circular connector) in the Cell Editor.


I saw the Delta Polar "dp" keyin coordinate command in the documentation and tried to make it work with no success.

I've tried this to have 3 points place on a circle with a radius of 2mm, starting at 90 degrees but, no object in added to the database :



I really don't know how to use the command and what are the related objects.


So, If someone has some clues about this command, can you please explain to me how it should be used to make it work for what I need?


Thanks in advance!