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    Sheet order for instantiated hierarchy blocks.


      I am seeing an issue where when I instantiate multiple blocks on a sheet, it isn't clear which subsequent sheet(s) apply to which instantiation.

      Example my block has two sheets A + B, I have 4 of the blocks on let's say sheet 3. In DxDesigner, I can navigate and see which sheet numbers are associated.

      I attempted to add a name to the symbol since it seems to be ordered by the Id. However, that did not fix the problem (including doing an update Print Order)

      I get something like this: (@@PRINTORDER = desciption)

      3 = blocks

      4 = block 3-A

      5 = block 3-B

      6 = block 4-A

      7 = block 4-B

      8 = block 1-A

      9 = block 1-B

      10 = block 2-A

      11 = block 2-B


      My questions:

      1) How can I assign the order of the sheets such that the sheets would be block 1, block 2, block 3, block 4

           1a) A "solution" I can think is to assign blocks to the Id order. Not a good one, but work around. It forces this to be done early in design flow.

      2) Can I propagate the the "name" to the block's sheets such as to put in in a title block.

      3) Does the symbol contain access the sheet numbers? such that I could display the number next to the block symbol. i.e. on  sheet 3 of above, next to "symbol 1" I can put a dynamic value of sheet 8-9 or even just sheet 8.


      This is using DxDesigner PADS 9.5


      Thank you,