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    HowTo: Multi User Automation via COM API on Concurrent Design (Schematic) Project




      is it possible on a concurrent project that various users have a remote

      connection via COM-API to a concurrent Design Job ?


      Do I always have to have exclusive rights when I ran some Automation via COM ?


      The issue I am having is, that in that moment when I request the Application

      Object for control on a concurrent Schematic, all Schemtic Sheets get locked,

      for other users.


      Is there a way around, that different users can work to the same time on their PC

      with a certain tool via COM API on the same Design Job ?


      Thank you for your contribution

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          Ok, I was seraching/debugging in the meanwhile on my own.


          I found out that executing the following, block sheets for other users (see red rectange on image below).


          Dim sheets As ViewDraw.IVdObjs

          '# this line below locks in a concurrent design

          '# all other pages on other clients which are

          '# not active open

          sheets = vdApp.QueryPages(jobSchematicName)




          To release this object, at least the following line is necessary.



          or to make it a little more professional:


          sub releaseComObject


                   '# For programs with multiple COM objects declared, repeat the following two
                   '# lines of code for each COM object in reverse order of creation.

                   Catch ex As Exception
                       Me.UpdateRtb("Internal Error: " & ex.ToString, Color.Red)
                       obj = Nothing
                   End Try

                   '# After all of the COM objects have been released
                   '# and set to null, do the following:

                   '# Start .NET CLR Garbage Collection

                   '# Wait for Garbage Collection to finish


          end sub


          This removes the "Locked by xxxx on Computer yyyy"  Message on top.