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Bind via capture pads

Question asked by antonio.l.magoncelli on Apr 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by antonio.l.magoncelli

Hi, I am using blind vias which end on an inner layer defined as a split / mixed plane type.

Currently only the vias which have connections on that inner layer show up on the gerber with the actual annular ring.

What I want is for all the blind vias which end on that layer to have pads (capture pads needed in my pcb fabrication process).

I cant seem to find any control settings which allow me to do this.


My only current work-around is to add vias from the originating layer (top in this case) but I don't really want to have annular rings for the through hole vias which don't have a connection on this termination layer (also I can not seem to remember how to enable all inner layer via annular rings to show up when using split/mixed layers, can someone please remind me).


Many thanks