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    Using python for library management automation


      I started to switch from vbs to python for automation and I'm wondering if anyone has ran into the problem below.


      I'm accessing a Pad object and I want to get the width and height of the pad.

      The automation documentation says to call

           Pad.Width               - to get the width of the pad in epsdbUnitCurrent

           Pad.Width(enum)    - to get the width in specified units


      In python, it looks like "Pad.Width" is shadowing "Pad.Width(enum)" because python is giving me an error saying Pad.Width(enum) is not callable. In other words, I cannot call Pad.Width(enum) and get the width in specified units because Pad.Width overwrites this method.


      Has anyone encountered this problem and know a workaround? I want the width to return in MM.