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DxDesigner Route Mode varies in schematic.

Question asked by tmiddleton on Apr 25, 2018

I have been running into an issue where when I move a section of a net, other sections of the net act as if with "Straight" Route Mode. Where other parts of the same net and other nets are acting with "Orthogonal"  Route Mode (the mode selected in my settings.)

Here is an example: I originally moved the net on the right (with the orthogonal edge) this caused section 3 to route "Straight". I moved section 2 up and section 1 and 3 are "straight"

I have tried removing the nets and replacing the sections, I have verified that selected nets show "orthogonal" under the Route Mode icon. I've tried switching back and forth with The Route Modes to no avail.



Below is another section of net on the same schematic sheet. Note that everything seemed to route orthogonal.

Has anyone seen this behavior and fixed it before?

Thank you.