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    How to modify the script from Synopsys to Mentor?


      I have an eco script which has to be converted to tessent

      I want to know tessent equivalent commands for the below mentioned synopsys commands

      1. get_pins

      2. disconnect_net
      3. all_connected

      4. create_cell

      5. get_lib_cell

      6. connect_pin

      7. connect_net

      8. get_nets

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          Please refer to the Tessent Shell Reference Manual where you will find the equivalent commands with usage examples as they are very similar.  For the list submitted please take a look at the following equivalent commands:


          1. get_pins

          2. delete_connections

          3. create_connections/move_connections

          4. create_module/create_instance

          5. get_dft_cell

          6. create_connections

          7. create_connections

          8. get_nets


          For further assistance on your specific case, please file an SR with customer support.