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How to export a .brd file for Allegro viewer from Xpedition VX2.2

Question asked by shu_tang on Apr 27, 2018
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Background: In our company, we need export .brd file for some chip vendor reviewing which use Allegro software(Allegro free physical viewer), we used Boardstation tool for  design, a ASII file could be export from Boardstation tool.

Issue: From this year, our company design tool have changed from Boardstation to Xpedition VX2.2, but we didn't find any method to export ASII file for transfer to .brd file in Xpedtion.

As you know, PADS and Allegro can import/export each other, do you have any idea about how to export a .brd file for Allegro viewer tool in Xpedition VX2.2 ?