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    license manager startup script that will work with systemd instead sysV


      We are refreshing our license servers and the new machines run RHEL v7. The existing scripts and documentation are geared for the old sysV configuration. I submitted a service request and was told

      "If you used “service mgc start”,  you would now need “systemctl start mgc.service”.  How the Linux OS calls the script has changed. The script itself is still just a shell script. The implementation on your Linux system (file naming, file placement, file ownership, file permissions) may change, but the underlying script is still just a shell script to start a process."


      That was not very helpful as I don't use "service mgc start" as it has never been mentioned in any of the documentation for Linux based license managers. Does anybody have a startup script for RHEL v7 that can be used by systemd?

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          Hi, Rachel,


          Our server scripts have always been presented as "as-is" examples since the various ways people choose to administer their servers on Linux runs the gamut. Until now, customers have been able to customize what we've provided to their liking. I think the change from init to systemd warrants some efforts on our behalf into providing new guidance or examples but FlexNet vendors still cannot prescribe a single solution to this problem.


          In the last few weeks I've undertaken a task to rewrite the article referencing the server start scripts I believe this will take some time to test as RHEL7 is still not widely adopted in our environments. We're always following what customers are widely using and the trend is recently moving toward RHEL7. I'm hoping that it is just as simple as updating the case statements in our existing scripts. If not, it will take more time.


          If anyone wants to share their experience in dealing with init to sytemd transitions in this context, I would be happy to facilitate the sharing of user feedback in a manner that can be consumed by the entire community. That is, after all, what this community is all about.