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Project backup creating corrupt ZIP files

Question asked by thomas.gunnarsrud on Apr 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by milostnik

Suddenly I needed to restore a backup, only to discover that all backup files created are corrupt! The ICDB backup tool will not restore them, and testing the files in 7zip reports errors. Currently using VX.1.2 - Update 19.


Snippet from the log below.

[2018-04-30 12.38.32] Successfully created [AutoSave] backup [2018-04-30 12.38.19 -] requested by [id removed].

[2018-04-30 12.57.44] ERROR: Cannot decompress Project Backup archive. [User] backup [2018-04-30 12.35.52 -] will not be restored.


What can cause this? I also now tried to verify backups created in another project, and I see the same there, the ZIP files are corrupted. Tested also a few backup created by PCs of colleagues using the same version of applications, but those files all seem OK.