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Call script from a script

Question asked by pbauerlund on May 3, 2018

In the documentation I found the note below. I would like to do some thing similar, but I get the error: "Identifier is already in use"

Probably because both my master script and the call script contains "Sub Main"

How do I get arround this?




You can create a script that calls another script. For example, ScriptA can call ScriptB. A script

can also call a PADS Layout macro using the RunMacro() Automation call. A PADS Layout

macro, however, cannot call a script.

You can also create a script that runs a series of scripts, or a "master" script. For example:

'$Include: "scriptA.bas"

'$Include: "scriptB.bas"

'$Include: "scriptC.bas"

Sub Main

Call scriptA

Call scriptB

Call scriptC

End Sub