Mentor has unilaterally decided that I no longer have 2 licenses.

Discussion created by dbroadwell on May 5, 2018
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I have been using Sourcery CodeBench (formerly Code Sourcery) for about 7 years, with standalone licenses to run the ARM IDE on two computers (my desktop and my portable).  This has worked fine until my most recent update when they would only send me a license for 1 computer.  When I tried to get my second license I was told "... sorry, our new licensing system can only generate one license for you..."  When I complained that they could not just unilaterally reduce the two licenses I purchased to one they stopped communicating with me.  One of their support people did ask for the customer service/sales person assigned to my account to contact me but no one has and no one responds to my repeated requests on my service request.


Has anyone else had this experience with Mentor?  Will I need to take them to small claims court?



Doug Broadwell