Text fonts & 2D line thickness

Discussion created by wolferm on May 7, 2018
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Is there any easy way to change all the fonts & 2D line thickness in a layout without making the changes in the library.

I mean everything related to each decal too.

I realize doing a library change is the it probably should be done, but I have a customer (only one) who is complaining about fonts and line thickness,

no other customer has an issue with this. There was no time in budget to do a custom library just for him, and this customer probably won't pay

for that time. So is there any quick way to control this for an assembly drawing on output or withing the design quickly and easily?

In PADS designer front end Mentor gave us the ability to control all line weights on output to PDF and in schematic tool changing fonts is easy across the design,

so solving the schematic PDF was easy. I really need an easy solution for the assembly drawing.