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    Text fonts & 2D line thickness


      Is there any easy way to change all the fonts & 2D line thickness in a layout without making the changes in the library.

      I mean everything related to each decal too.

      I realize doing a library change is the it probably should be done, but I have a customer (only one) who is complaining about fonts and line thickness,

      no other customer has an issue with this. There was no time in budget to do a custom library just for him, and this customer probably won't pay

      for that time. So is there any quick way to control this for an assembly drawing on output or withing the design quickly and easily?

      In PADS designer front end Mentor gave us the ability to control all line weights on output to PDF and in schematic tool changing fonts is easy across the design,

      so solving the schematic PDF was easy. I really need an easy solution for the assembly drawing.


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          Assuming you mean Reference designators.

          Set Filter to 'labels' and select all the Reference Designators you want to change.

          RMB and select Properties.

          Now you can change font and size for all selected Reference designators.


          For Component outline you can select all components.

          RMB and select Properties

          In the middle of the dialog there is a 'Part Outline Width' field.

          Enter the width required.




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            Thanks, yes I can do that for the ref des.

            However you must be talking about PADS Pro or Expedition?

            Because when I select all parts I do not get any Part Outline Width field?

            Then there is the dimension leaders and text there too. I would be nice if there was one control

            for any drafting type entity all in one shot.

            But if I can change component outlines like you say & I am just missing something that would help quite a bit.

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              Klaus Oooops big time on my part re-looking at it jumped right out at me can't see how I missed hat last time.

              Wow I never realized that was there. You made my day.


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                One other thought after looking at this, is there a way to change dimension text like this

                rather than redo dimensions after changing font globally for dimensions?

                Can't get font to come up on any dimension text selected.

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                  Sorry no.

                  It is not that easy to change the existing measurements.

                  For line width and text size you can do it one by one. But it seems that the font cannot be changed.

                  Actually I have never investigated this before - but the dimensioning font is determined by the font defined in 'Tools > Options > Drafting Text and Lines'.




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                    OK thanks, yes it will be one at a time hen for and leader dimension for items on assy.

                    Yes if you change the text there it will then make any new dimension use that font.

                    In this case then being font and line width need to change best to just re-do all those leaders for assy dwg.