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    sch to edif


      Hi guys,


      I want to convert my *.sch file into *.edif. Is it really possible using PADS VX.2.3?

      Thanks in advance.





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          thanks for your post. I am going to move this to the PADS community where it will receive greater visibility. The Member Resources area is for general questions and suggestions for the communities.

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            From PADS Designer you can export to EDIF Netlist or EDIF Schematic.


            It looks like you need a license to read the EDIF schematic files into Designer but not to output.


            EDIF Netlist does not appear to require a license for either export or import.


            PADS Logic and PADS Layout do not import or export EDIF.

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              Good morning!

              I already used the PADS trial version. I successfully import the SCH file using PADS designer and exported it to eds(edif schematic).
              I have question about eds.

              Is it the same as *.edif?
              Now I'm extracting the data of *eds. do you have any dll or application that can be use to read the content of *.eds?

              As of now I'm reading the content line by line.

              Thank you!




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                To read a eds (EDIF Schematic) you will need a tool that reads it... PADS Designer requires an additional license to read the eds files.


                What is your end goal for the output?  PADS Designer outputs netlist to several Layout tools as well as a generic and quick connection view netlist. 

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                  Good day!


                  Sorry for the late reply.

                  My end goal is to convert *.sch file to *.eds(edif schematic) only. I can do it using PADS VX Designer but do you have any API so that I can used it even not opening the PADS  application.


                  Thank you!

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                    Open a Mentor Command window and type mgswrite -help and you can see the switches you can use to call the edif schematic writer from the command prompt.


                    I don't think you can translate the sch file without first launching DxDesigner.

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                      Purchasing the whole application will cost me a lot because the only feature that i will going to use is the import and export  function. Do you have  PADS API that can be incorporate to other programming IDE?